How do I send email to many people without everyone knowing who else is receiving it?

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You should use the Bcc: header. Bcc stands for "Blind carbon-copy". All mail clients, including Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Webmail and Pine have this option. You should leave your To: field blank, and type in all the addresses in the Bcc: field. The message will be delivered to all recipients, but they have no way of knowing who else received it.

When they reply, they can only reply to the person that sent the message, and people that were listed in the To: and Cc: fields.

Because the To: field cannot be blank, Pine will insert a line there. You can define what it says using the empty-header-message option.

You can also type in whatever you want when you compose, as long as you make sure that it is followed by a colon, and the To: line ends in a semi-colon. Anything between the : and ; will be regarded as a real address. You may leave nothing but a space between them if you wish.

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