My computer is not working. Can I get it fixed on campus?

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There are many groups on campus that can help you troubleshoot problems with computer services at Rutgers, but if you have a serious problem with your computer, such as a problem that affects your entire operating system, you should contact The Rutgers Tech Store, kite+key. The mission of the The Rutgers Tech Store, kite+key, is to provide professional service, on a billed basis for both University departments, and for Faculty/Staff and Students' personal equipment. The Rutgers Tech Store, kite+key, is also the only Apple, IBM, Dell, and Gateway authorized repair center on campus.

For more information, including hours of operation, location and current rates, please see the Computer Repair website at: .

To contact The Rutgers Tech Store, kite+key, please call 848-445-5000.

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