How do I delete and expunge messages using Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express?

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Deleting messages in Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express consists of two steps: first, mark the message for deletion, and then expunge the message from the mail folder.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Select the message to be deleted with the mouse, and then click on the "delete" icon (a red "X") on the Toolbar. The message is correctly marked for deletion when either there is a red "X" and a line through the message header or the message disappears from the Messages screen.
  2. Outlook may be configured to move those messages marked for deletion into the Deleted Items folder on the server, but they will not be expunged unless the folder is either compacted (click on File, then select Folder followed by selecting Compact) or by clicking on Edit, then selecting Empty Deleted Items Folder.

    After the purge is completed the deleted messages are removed from the servers.

Note: Outlook Express does not allow the option to move messages to a deleted items folder, or a Sent folder. Message can be deleted and expunged by setting the program to do so automatically when it is closed.

Note: Messages that have been on the servers for 24 hours or longer can be restored at your request.

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