How do I delete and expunge messages using Pine?

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Deleting messages in Pine consists of two steps: first, mark the message for deletion, and then expunge the message from the mail folder.

The steps are as follows:

  1. When a message is highlighted, press the D key. This will make the letter D appear next to the message. All messages in Pine can be deleted in this way.
  2. Once all messages intended for deletion are marked, press the X key to delete them.
  3. Press the Y key to confirm that you would like to expunge the messages.

Note: Messages t

When I use NCSA Telnet for the Macintosh why do I sometimes get [yes] displayed on my screen?

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The [ yes ] that is being displayed on the screen is caused by the keystroke "command T". Sometimes users press this keystroke by accident. To clear the screen after this is displayed do the following:

Press (and hold down) the CTRL (control) key and press l (this is a lowercase L)

What does the error message "[Unable to find newline at 316302 in 64 bytes, text: ]" indicate?

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That error message indicates that your mail file has been corrupted. We are not permitted to work on your mail files over the phone, because you must be present to see what we do. Please come to the Rutgers University Computer Help Desk, on the Busch Campus, Hill Center room 013, present photo ID to verify who you are, and we will look into what is happening.

How do I set vi to be my default editor in pine (instead of pico)?

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  1. Start pine.
  2. Type 'm' to bring you to the main menu.
  3. Then type 's' as in "setup".
  4. You will then be asked the following:

    Choose a setup task from the menu below:

    Type 'c' as in configure.

  5. You will then see a long list. Type 'w' to search for a string.
  6. Type 'enable', and then press return.
    The menu will then be searched, and you should then see something like the following:

    [ ] compose-send-offers-first-filter
    [ ] enable-alternate-editor-cmd
    [ ] enable-alternate-editor-implicitly
    [ ] enable-search-and-replace

  7. Type 'ctrl n' to scroll down until "enable-alternate-editor-implicitly" is highlighed.
  8. Type 'X' to select this option.
  9. Type 'w' to search for a string.
  10. Type 'editor', and then press return.

When I reply to a message in Pine, I am prompted, "Reply to all recipients?" and it includes my address. How do I stop this?

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Add your other addresses to the alt-addresses option under (M)ain (S)etup (C)onfig.

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