How do I prevent others from using sendmail to find out who has an account on my system?

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Most default sendmail installs will allow crackers to telnet into your system on port 25 and use "EXPN" and "VRFY" to identify usernames. This allows them to know who has an account on your system, which makes it easeir for them to try to break in. Here is how you plug the hole:

  1. Edit "". On a typical Rutgers/Solaris install, it will be located in "/etc/mail/", but it can vary from system to system.
  2. Once you have "" open in a text editor you should search for the string "privacy flags". You should see the following:

    # privacy flags O PrivacyOptions= "something"

How do I forward my RCI email to another address?

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To set a forwarding address for an RCI account, go to RCI webmail, located at and log in with your NetID and password.

  1. Click on the link at the lop of the page that says "Webtools".
  2. Under "Setup", click on the link labelled "forward".
  3. Click on the link labelled "Setup forward".
  4. A message will appear stating the current status of mail forwarding on your account. For most people, this would be

    You currently have no mail forwarding file

  5. In the box labelled "Email address", type the address to which you would like your RCI mail to be forwarded. Make sure there are no typos in the address, or your mail may get forwarded to someone else's account or to a non-existent address.
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