How do I change my password for my RBHS account?

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If you remember your current password, you may change it at https://netid.rutgers.edu/ and click on Manage NetID Password. You will be prompted for your current username and password, then you will be given a web form to fill out with your new password.

How do I delete and expunge messages using Pine?

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Deleting messages in Pine consists of two steps: first, mark the message for deletion, and then expunge the message from the mail folder.

The steps are as follows:

  1. When a message is highlighted, press the D key. This will make the letter D appear next to the message. All messages in Pine can be deleted in this way.
  2. Once all messages intended for deletion are marked, press the X key to delete them.
  3. Press the Y key to confirm that you would like to expunge the messages.

Note: Messages t

How do I connect to the MySQL shell to access my database on RCI?

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To use MySQL at the Unix prompt you should exectue the "mysql" command. The mysql command is not going to be in the average user's $PATH, so you will will have to use an absolute path for this command:

How do I connect to the MySQL shell on RCI without having to type in the absolute path to MySQL?

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If you do not want to have to type in the complete path to MySQL to start the shell you could add the following line to your .cshrc file on RCI:

alias mysql '/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql'

After this is done save the file, and then type source .cshrc for your new settings to take affect.

Now instead of typing:

/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql -h mysql.rci -p your_dbname

every time you want to access the MySQL shell you will only need to type:

mysql -h mysql.rci -p your_dbname

Is SSH X11 forwarding enabled on RCI?

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Yes, SSH X11 forwarding is enabled on RCI. If you wish to utilize this service, you need to have an SSH client installed on your computer along with an X windows emulator.

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