Why can I no longer use my Eden mail?

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As of July 1st, all Eden mail services have been decommissioned for everyone at Rutgers University. The students should now migrate over to using ScarletMail. ScarletMail is a Google based email server now being used by Rutgers University for all of the students attending the school.

How to move emails from Eden to Scarletmail?

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As of July 1st, Eden mail has been decommissioned for all accounts. Students will still be allowed to log in to Eden webmail until November 1st to view important emails and to transfer any emails that they would like to keep.

Why can't I set up my personal non-Rutgers email address as my delivery address?

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As a member of the RBHS school you may have access to certain personal information for patients. To avoid this from becoming public, we do not allow anyone with certain access to make their delivery address something other than

What is JWChat and how can I use it with RutgersIM?

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JWChat is an open-source Instant Messaging software program recommended for Windows or Macintosh computers. It can be used with the Rutgers IM service at Rutgers.

What makes JWChat different is that it uses a Web browser and thus doesn't require downloading and installing software. JWChat works with Windows-compatible browsers supported at Rutgers, such as Mozilla Firefox , and Internet Explorer . Additionally On Macintosh computers, JWChat works on Safari .

Documentation on using JWChat with the RutgersIM service can be found at:

How Do I Set Up The AdiumX Client To Work With RutgersIM?

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Adium is an open-source Instant Messaging program that works with Mac OS 10.x. It can be used with the Rutgers IM service as well as other networks such as AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and the Jabber (Rutgers IM) network at the same time.

Documentation on how to use AdiumX with the RutgersIM service can be found at:

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