What is an RUMail Domain, and what can it do for my department?

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The main purpose of an RUMail Domain is to create calendars that can be used by all users in a specific department. Because these calendars are not owned by a single user the owner can be changed if users leave the department in the future.

How can my department request a new RUMail domain?

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New RUMail domains can be requested by going to the following link:

https://oit-nb.rutgers.edu/service/rumail-department and then

How do I manage the RUMail domain for my department?

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Only Departmental Administrators can manage an RUMail Domain. All of the tools which can be used to manage the RUMail Domain for a department can be found by clicking the Mail/Calendar Configuration link located at:

How can I change where mail being sent to the address netid@rutgers.edu will be forwarded to?

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Email Management is a system that allows users to have an e-mail address of netid@rutgers.edu. By default, mail sent to the address of netid@rutgers.edu will be forwarded to the email address listed for your entry in the Rutgers Online Directory. Email Management has an easy to use online user interface that makes it very easy to change the address that mail is forwarded to or add additional delivery addresses. To make changes, please go to: https://netid.rutgers.edu/ and click the link Manage Email Addresses.

How can I read e-mail sent to my RCI account from the web?

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You can read your RCI e-mail by using the RCI Webmail, located at http://webmail.rci.rutgers.edu. Login using your valid RCI NetID and password, and you will be able to read, send, and delete e-mail messages from any location you wish.

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