What do I do if I get a virus?

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If you get a virus on your computer, Rutgers has virus scan software available that should help you to find and remove the virus. To download the Rutgers Antivirus Delivery Service (RADS), please go to https://software.rutgers.edu/software/details.php?id=406. You will need to login using your valid Rutgers NetID and password. RADS provides automatic updates, anti-spyware protection, a built-in firewall, and automatic scanning of incoming files for viruses in addition to the standard virus protections. It is completely free for all Rutgers students, faculty and staff.

What does the message "Who are you" mean?

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This error message occurs when a login machine has a truncated passwd map (not everyone who should be listed is). The problem clears up when the backend machine pushes a new password file (every 15 minutes) or we force a push by hand. This is why the problem usually clears up shortly after being reported.

If this error occurs, one way to check the machine, where is error was reported from, is to run the command

ypmatch username passwd

(where "username" would be replaced by your username) and see if you are recognized. If not, please call the NBCS Help Desk at 732-445-HELP

How can I access RIAS?

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The RIAS system can be accessed by first going to the following page: https://riasapps.rutgers.edu/. Once there click on the banner that says Click Here To Enter RIAS. Next enter your NetID username and password to enter the system.

What program do I need to use OFIS?

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The program you need to access OFIS is called the QWS3270 emulator. This emulator is available through a download from the following web site: https://software.rutgers.edu/software/details.php?id=287. You will need to login to the software portal using your valid NetID and password to access the software.

Is there a graphical SFTP client for Linux?

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Yes, there is a graphical SFTP client available for Linux. The name of the client is called SFTP. It can be downloaded from: http://gftp.seul.org/

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