How do I compress files in Unix?

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There are two programs you can use to compress files, gzip and compress. gzip almost always gives better compression, but compress is a little more widely available. See the manpages for both commands for usage information.

What is a remus or romulus account?

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These accounts no longer exist. You now need to use a Dragon account. Please go to the following site https://dragon.rutgers.edu/cgi-bin/mak

How do I detect remotely whether my machine is infected with the Linux.Slapper worm?

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There's no easy foolproof way, but a good indication is that UDP port 2002 is open. You can check that with for nmap for example. To do this you would run nmap in the following way:

nmap -sU -PT -PI -p 2002 your-suspect-ip-address

How can I set up the Red Hat up2date utility to update my packages nightly and send me an e-mail with the results?

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The Red Hat GNU/Linux up2date utility is a program that is used to make sure that the system is up to date with the most recent security updates and patches. Up2date comes pre-installed with all recent versions of Red Hat GNU/Linux.

Up2date is a graphical utility, but there is a way to use the program from the command line without using the graphical interface. For example to update a Red Hat GNU/Linux system using up2date from the command line you can enter: up2date -u

If you are not logged in as the root user, you will be prompted for the root password.

In order to have this command run nightly you will need to using something called the cron utility. Cron is a program which can be used to schedule programs or commands to run at a particular time. To learn more about the cron utility please read the manual page by issuing the command man cron

How can I use the Red Hat GNU/Linux up2date utility to update my system?

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You can use the up2date utility to update your Red Hat GNU/Linux system by opening a terminal window and issuing the command: up2date

After issuing the command you will be prompted for the password for the root user on the system. After issuing the command a window will come up to walk you through the rest of the process.

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